How We Do It

Identify those people who require psychological healthcare

  • On first touch with our service, we’ll provide immediate access to the services which are needed through intelligent decision- making combined with industry leading technology.
  • We’ll appoint a dedicated case manager who will be on hand to support throughout.
  • We’ll deliver intelligent health screening and assessment
  • To ensure those people who are likely to benefit from treatment receive immediate support
  • Leading to positive outcomes and reduced healthcare costs
  • Our innovative clinical model integrates seamlessly with the existing processes of each healthcare partner.
  • To ensure optimal client experience for those people who use our service.

Connect people to the right clinician

  • We’ll take the guesswork out of finding the right clinician.
  • We provide immediate access to 2000+ clinical experts throughout the UK and around the world
  • Our network of the UK’s leading clinical experts includes specialists from a wide range of disciplines including psychologists, cognitive behavioural psychotherapists and psychiatrists
  • We use our experience, combined with innovative matching technology to ensure each individual receives the optimal level of support with the clinical expert most suited to their needs
  • Our clinical experts are widely accepted as being the leaders in their speciality. They are supported by our robust clinical governance and commitment to the highest standards of clinical performance

Deliver the right treatment, offering flexibility and choice

  • We provide direct, fast access to treatment at work, clinic, at home or on the go!
  • It’s essential for positive outcomes to provide treatment in the way that best suits each individual, delivered when, where and how it works best for them
  • With the choice of therapy sessions either through face to face, live secure video therapy, telephone, live web chat and online programmes
  • We’ll offer customized delivery of therapy combining clinical expertise and digital health technology.


Provide the human touch

  • We are passionate about helping people and this really does make a difference.
  • We offer a personal service to all.
  • We appoint a dedicated case manager for every individual, who takes time to build relationship, seeking to understand the best way to help and provide support to everyone who engages with our services.
  • From our very first touch to the last, our focus is on providing the highest quality, ensuring the right support is available when it’s needed.
  • We value courtesy and compassion, treating everyone with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Throughout each person’s journey with us we are there by their every step of the way.
  • We place the human touch at the centre of everything we do

Ensure positive outcomes

We monitor progress and track outcomes to ensure people make the quickest and best possible recovery

Our innovative clinical model seamlessly integrates clinical expertise with industry leading technology to ensure the highest possible clinical quality and outcomes.

Effective Treatment Co-ordination

All cases are managed by a dedicated case manager, responsible for ensuring treatment progresses in a timely and efficient manner, whilst overseeing recovery.

Fast Case Note Retrieval

Case Managers are able to add or view any notes following conversations with therapists related to progress, plus can upload clinical reports that have been submitted.

Automated Reporting

Our robust and secure Case Management system is able to produce a range of reporting, highlighting effectiveness of our treatment as well as many other KPIs. System integration with all healthcare partner systems.

Clarity of Clinical Reports

As each case is monitored by an internal case manager, so we are able to review each clinical report that is submitted to us, ensuring quality and clarity before we submit them back to our referrers.

Therapist Performance

Our Clinical Supply Lead continually evaluates and audits the clinical effectiveness of each clinical expert by reviewing evidence based outcome measures and SLA performance.

Clinical Outcome Measures

We utilize a standardised outcome data set which are reported against on every case to demonstrate improvements in symptoms and functioning. To demonstrate change, additional metrics are captured in response to individual need.

Patient Experience Questionnaires

Over 98% of clients confirm they feel the service helps them to better understand and address their difficulties, and over 97% of clients feel they get the help that matters to them.

Data Security

All personal data and information related to treatment is held securely. Having achieved ISO27001 certification, CBT Clinics demonstrates that it is following international information security best practices.

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