ESG policy

Environmental, Social and Governance Policy Statement

CBT Clinics Group

May 2020


Our ESG Policy statement sets out the CBTC Group’s strategic commitment as a leading Mental Health service provider to have a positive social impact.  This cannot be underestimated and is a key focus for the Group’s board, management and employees, delivered in a sustainable and ethical manner.

We aim to be the UK’s leading Mental Health service provider, delivering a diverse range of Mental Health support products to a diverse spectrum of clients, patients and stakeholders.  We recognise the significant impact Mental Health has on individuals, relationships, families, friends, employers and society as a whole and want to have a significant impact on improving the wellbeing of the UK population and the population of the markets we will serve in the future.

In delivering on our ambition, the group will take actions to deliver services in a sustainable way, having due consideration for the environment, our employees, clients, the clinicians within our network, our patients and the society in which we live.

Our policy reflects our commitment to enable the Group to integrate social wellbeing, sustainability and ethical behaviour into the all day to day activities in the running of the business.

Our policy is broken down into three key strategies, delivering:

  1. Social values
  2. Sustainable (Environmental) values
  3. Ethical (Governance) values

1. Social values

The group is in a unique position of being able to promote Mental Health wellbeing, through our employees, clinical network, partners and clients to improve the wellbeing of society both locally, nationally and internationally.  We will:

• Actively support initiatives, including the NHS, charities and other good causes in delivering improvements to the mental health of the general population

• Actively support and promote research into Mental Health and Wellbeing initiatives

• Develop and improve training and support to charities and good causes through the course of our ongoing business activities

Aside from Mental Health other initiatives will include:

• Promoting volunteering, reducing the skills gap and overcoming barriers to employment

• Employ locally to support the local economies and communities in which the business locates

• Actively supporting employees to work flexibly and encourage equal opportunities

• Positively promoting training and development, ensuring employees can progress and enhance their prospects whilst employed with the group, whether clinical, operational or administrative

Pay employees a fair salary for their role, benchmarking and ensuring the team are suitably paid

2. Environmental values

We will reduce our impact on the environment, working with our clients, employees and clinicians to support environmental initiatives.  We will do this by:

• Creating a group wide employee forum to identify opportunities in making a positive environmental impact

• Support local environmental projects, giving employees the opportunity to participate during office hours

• Use modern technology to reduce the amount of business travel, reducing our carbon footprint

• Actively conserve energy on our sites, supported by our employees and other initiatives

• Managing waste and promoting recycling schemes

• Developing business products and services which consider the environmental impact and look to promote the use of digital technologies, to reduce travel, emissions and the carbon footprint of our business activities

3. Ethical values

We will conduct our business with integrity and ethics in line with our values and policies. We will ensure all employees and partners understand ethical standards and embed these into the day to day activities of the group.  We will also look to out key stakeholders to deliver minimum ethical standards including:


We will actively support employees by ensuring they receive a fair wage for their role.  We will actively encourage diversity across the Group


We will actively support our clinicians and will provide ongoing support, including CPD activities, training programmes, regular feedback, minimise ‘red tape’ and provide a forum for clinicians to be active members, enabling feedback loops into the management team


We recognise our patients need care and support.  We will deliver ethical standards that protect all our patients and aim to lead the market with minimum safeguarding and clinical standards to protect our patients.  We will also ensure all clinicians are suitably accredited and qualified to support each case managed by the Group


We will commit to our clients, that we will deliver the highest ethical standards to our employees, clinicians and patients.  Giving clients an outstanding service is our top priority in being the Mental Health service provider of choice in the UK


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