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CBT Clinics and the evolution of digital healthcare

At CBT Clinics we’re passionate about ensuring everyone has access to treatment and interventions to improve their psychological wellbeing. By embracing the evolution of digital solutions, we have been able to transform psychological healthcare, delivering support where you want it, how you want it.

CBT Clinics has been offering remote therapy options for over 5 years and won innovation awards for their design. In a culture that is becoming ever-increasingly busy and quick access to services is a priority, we have responded to the needs of our clients and developed a range of services that allow us to offer evidence-based interventions without having logistical complications associated with travelling to appointments.

As our clients become more technologically savvy, so have our treatment options. Our computerised CBT platform allows clients to access support for most common mental health problems on their computer, tablet or phone.

Flexibility and adaptation are key to our success, innovation is one of our core values! Our team are continually looking at alternatives and are dedicated to ensuring we remain at the forefront of the evolution of digital healthcare. So what’s next?

Advancements in technology offer new and exciting possibilities. Augmented reality – think Pokémon Go but being exposed to your fears rather than catching little cartoon creatures. Virtual reality – allowing you to overcome anxieties in a safe environment and experience situations that would not be possible in real-life. Apps – to tackle everything from trauma to low mood through a Smart phone. Or maybe even ‘robot’ therapists – Siri and Cortana assist us constantly in everyday life, in the near future they could be helping with psychological wellbeing. Cyberpsychology is the future, CBT Clinics will transform future possibilities into realities.

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18th October 2018

Personal Injury Awards 2018 Shortlisted: Supporting the Industry

Delighted to be shortlisted for ‘Supporting the Industry’ Award at the Personal Injury Awards 2018! #PIAwards [Read More]

18th October 2018

Personal Injury Awards 2018 Shortlisted: Rehab Provider of the Year

Over the moon to be shortlisted for ‘Rehab Provider of the Year’ at the Personal Injury Awards 2018!#PIAwards [Read More]

18th October 2018

Personal Injury Awards 2018 Shortlisted: Young Achiever of the Year

So pleased to announce the outstanding talents of Sarah Page, Clinical Service Manager at CBT Clinics, have been recognised in [Read More]

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